Yealink Phone T48G

Yealink Phone Series: Excellent Business VoIP Value

If you are considering the move to VoIP for your business phone service, consider a close look at the Yealink phone models. While Cisco and Polycom offer VoIP phones, Yealink has feature-rich models at a reasonable price.

Look at any Yealink, Polycom and Cisco phone online feature comparison. You will see that Yealink competes well with these popular vendors. But, is popularity worth the price? Yealink offers the same display features, supported lines, feature keys, headsets, audio, protocols, provisioning, security, power and even the advanced features of Polycom and Cisco — but at a lower price point.

You could spend hours combing through feature data sheets for each IP phone vendor’s products. After a lot of study, it’s likely that you will conclude that there is very little difference between makes and models.

If you do move to a VoIP phone system, which is a money saving choice in and of itself, you will need to choose phone models that best support your business. A trusted telecom partner can help you with the number of lines needed and the display features recommended for your business applications. There are many other useful features such as Bluetooth support, USB ports, and expansion capabilities. These can be considered now or in the future.

A Smart Business Decision – The Yealink Phone T4 Series

At Fortis, we are passionate about helping businesses with their communications needs. Delivering quality products with exceptional service is paramount to us. Based on interoperability, expansion capabilities, ease of use, and performance, Yealink products have successfully passed quality assurance tests in house.

These tests have given us the confidence to promote Yealink, not only for our customers, but for our own business communications. Yealink gives businesses powerful but cost-effective choices in voice and video communications. Yealink also sets the industry’s best price-performance benchmark.

Among the most popular Yealink models is the T48G (pictured above) with its 7-inch 800×480 touchscreen display. The T40P is an inexpensive entry-level IP phone. In between these two is the elegant T46G. Outside of the T series is the CP860 Conference Phone.

While we promote Yealink phone models due to their proven ROI, we support other major brands, such as Cisco, Polycom, Panasonic Cordless Phones, and more.

Get Connected & Maximize your ROI

Instead of doing a laborious comparison of every available phone feature, talk to a trusted professional who can break down the key differences that most matter to your business.

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