A Caller In Distress: The Perils of Cut-Rate Business Phone Service

Businessman VoIP FrustrationAs with many industries, the business telephone sector has its share of low cost providers.

I recently got a call from a businessperson in the Sacramento area who went with a low cost VoIP provider to save some money.

The caller told me that he immediately found the provider’s customer service to be “non-existent”. The provider blamed the office’s internet connection for voice quality problems, even though the internet was working fine and had plenty of available bandwidth. (more…)

9 Sacramento Wineries to Visit

Sacramento WineriesSacramento region wineries are fewer and farther between compared to those of the Lodi area, which about 40 miles to the south. In fact, Sacramento’s Cabana Winery has announced that it is moving to Lodi.

In the Sacramento region, it’s about quality and not quantity. Here are nine Sacramento area wineries to check out. All nine are within easy driving distance of downtown Sacramento–just off of I-5, I-80 or Highway 50.

At the bottom of this post is a Google My Map in which all the listed wineries are pinned. (more…)

5 Ways Business Internet Service Can Be Delivered To Your Office

Business Internet Service SpeedBefore buying or renting a home, condo or apartment it’s a good idea first find out whether your personal communications lifeline—your mobile phone—has a decent signal at the location.

Similarly, before moving to new office space, it’s a good idea to find out if your business communications lifeline—the location’s business internet service options—are sufficient for your employee count and for how the internet will be used.

The way or ways in which internet service is physically delivered to a building correlates to potential speed. That’s why it’s good for a business owner or executive to be familiar at a high level with the information found below. (more…)

A Brief History of VoIP for Business

History of VoIPVoIP hasn’t always been the easy-to-manage and reliable business service that it is today. At one point, business VoIP was plagued with problems that resulted from low bandwidth, inadequate routers and improper network configuration. These problems ranged from jitter to dropped calls.

Over the past four decades, VoIP has evolved from an experiment to the most common type of new business phone system implementation.

Just as Salesforce has brought enterprise-level CRM functionality to small and midsized business, VoIP has brought enterprise-level telephone system features to SMBs.

Before VoIP, small business phone systems had feature sets that were frozen in firmware. The systems were subject to hardware obsolescence. This has all changed with VoIP. (more…)

916 Area Code Split: What Sacramento Area Businesses Need to Know

916 Area Code Split: 279Before covering the recent 916 area code split, we’ll start with a little area code history.

In 1947, area codes were introduced to the United States and Canada. The 916 area code was one of the original three area codes in California, along with 415 and 213.

US states and Canadian provinces that were only assigned one area code for the entire state or province had a “0” in the middle of the assigned area code. States and provinces that had more than one area code assigned to them had a “1” in the middle of each of the area codes. (more…)

6 Sacramento Business News Sites Worth Checking Out

Sacramento Business NewsIt’s difficult for a single media outlet to provide a steady stream of purely local Sacramento business news. In some cases a local business news site is a hybrid of local, national and international news.

For those who want to stay abreast of local business news, it’s worth bookmarking multiple sites.

Sacramento business news sites cover topics that range from major real estate deals to tech startups to breweries.

Here are six Sacramento business news sites to take a look at. (more…)

8 Signs Your Small Business May Be Ready For VoIP

Legacy Business PhoneWhen you bought your small business phone system over a decade ago, it was cutting edge. Brands like Comdial, Norstar, Vodavi, Panasonic, Toshiba and Tie prevailed at the time.

Back then, bandwidth to most buildings was not enough to support voice traffic over the internet connection. The now thriving business VoIP industry had not yet been born.

Your phone system hardware is paid for. However, your system is running at less than 100%. There is a risk to it running at 0%. Here are some of the signs that you might be ready to move to VoIP. (more…)

G Suite & Salesforce: What the Google Salesforce Alliance Means For Your Business

G Suite SalesforceLast week, at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce convention, the company announced its alliance with Google.

According to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, “There has never been an easier way for companies to run their entire business in the cloud–from productivity apps, email and analytics, to sales, service and marketing apps, this partnership will help make our customers smarter and more productive.”

Announcements like this are often met with skepticism, as they can quickly fade into the background. However, there are enough parts to this announcement that it may stand the test of time.

Here is a summary of the components of the announcement and what they each mean to both small and large businesses. (more…)

Full STEAM Ahead: Early Age Learning in the Sacramento Region

Full STEAM Ahead LearningWe normally write about technology for adults who are in business in the Sacramento region.

However, this post’s focus is the children of our region’s community. It’s also about one of our customer’s efforts to create an early academic foundation that will benefit both the children and the local community.

With global competition for California’s science and technology jobs, how can children who are born and raised in California be more likely participate in the state’s thriving science and technology environment as adults? (more…)

What’s The Future of ISDN PRI For Sacramento Area Businesses?

PRI21 years ago, the Sacramento Business Journal wrote about the virtues of the telephone company’s Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN. At the time, Primary Rate Interface (PRI) was the gold standard in digital voice for businesses.

With PRI, up to 23 conversations could be carried on two pairs of copper telephone wire. For years, PRI was a common offering to California businesses by carriers such as AT&T. (more…)