10 Types of Technology Office Equipment That All Small Businesses Should Have in 2017

Office EquipmentThe nature and type of technology office equipment needed by small businesses has changed over the last several years.

At one time, most small businesses had a big sheet of plywood mounted to a wall in a closet or storage room. On top of the plywood was all sorts of phone equipment and wiring. Recently, the traditional phone system has been performing a disappearing act.

Many small companies used to need a 19” rack to hold a half dozen or more servers. As business applications continue their shift to cloud-based offerings, many businesses only require a fraction of the number of servers they once had. (more…)

Highway 50: Technology and Transportation Along a Busy Corridor

Highway 50 Terminus

Image courtesy of Jrmski

Anyone who lives or works along the Highway 50 corridor in Northern California can attest to the fact that it’s no longer “The Loneliest Road in America”, as it was once described.

In fact, with a large concentration of homes and businesses on either side of Highway 50, the corridor can be every bit as congested as some of the more notorious California traffic hot spots.

The highway stretches 3073 miles from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, California, where it ends in a frequently nightmarish merge with eastbound Interstate 80. (more…)

916 Area Code Changes: What Sacramento-Area Businesses Need to Know

916 Area Code & 279 Area CodeWe’ll begin with a little area code history.

In 1947, area codes were introduced to the United States and Canada. The 916 area code was one of the original three area codes in California, along with 415 and 213.

US states and Canadian provinces that were only assigned one area code for the entire state or province had a “0” in the middle of the assigned area code. States and provinces that had more than one area code assigned to them had a “1” in the middle of each of the area codes. (more…)

Sacramento Colocation Facilities: 10 Options for Your Offsite Servers

Sacramento Colocation FacilitiesFor companies that want to rent data center rack space or entire cabinets for their server hardware, there are plenty of Sacramento colocation options.

Because the Greater Sacramento area is considered to be seismically-neutral, many Bay Area companies colocate their servers in the Sacramento area rather than within an active seismic zone.

This translates a number of available data center options for businesses in cities ranging from Sacramento to Rancho Cordova to Elk Grove to Davis. (more…)

VoIP vs Landline: What’s The Difference?

VoIP vs LandlineToday’s business environment looks a lot different than it did a few decades ago. The advances of communications technology enabled by the internet have introduced a variety of new ways for companies to do business and employees to get work done.

One aspect of communications that the internet has transformed is telephone service. When comparing VoIP vs landline telephone service, it’s important to know that they are two very different technologies. (more…)

8 Technology User Groups for Sacramento Area Businesses

User Group For Sacramento BusinessesFor employees and owners of Sacramento businesses and area businesses, attending a technology user group meeting is a great way to network with peers and learn the latest about technologies that are important to your job and the growth of your business.

Some user groups are niche in terms of the job role that they attract. Other user groups cut across a wide range of user types ranging from product admins to marketers to business owners & executives.

Certain user groups are challenged with getting enough regular attendees. In fact, some groups go dormant. Other user groups have no problem attracting a consistent number of regular meeting attendees. In most cases, dedicated efforts by organizers is what drives a sustainable attendance level. (more…)

Yealink Phones: Excellent Value For Companies That Adopt VoIP

Yealink phone If you are considering the move to VoIP for your business phone service, consider a close look at the Yealink phone models. While Cisco and Polycom offer VoIP phones, Yealink has feature-rich models at a reasonable price.

Look at any Yealink, Polycom and Cisco phone online feature comparison. You will see that Yealink competes well with these popular vendors. But, is popularity worth the price? Yealink offers the same display features, supported lines, feature keys, headsets, audio, protocols, provisioning, security, power and even the advanced features of Polycom and Cisco — but at a lower price point. (more…)

When Should You Outsource IT Services?

Outsource IT ServicesTaking Advantage of Outsourced IT Support Services

As an SMB, hiring an IT support staff can be challenging and expensive. The needs for IT services fluctuate over time and hiring a full-time staff to cover those needs is a major challenge and expense. How can a small company keep up with all the skills needed to handle the needs of today as well as the needs of the future? (more…)