Managed Business Internet

Your internet connection is your business’s digital lifeline

Experts at managing your internet services to ensure the speed and reliability of your connection

Business internet is not a “set it and forget it” service. Your bandwidth and reliability requirements continue to evolve along with your business.

Speed + Reliability = Productivity

Variable internet service quality can cost your business time and money. Fast, reliable internet translates into uninterrupted productivity.

Fiber Is Fastest

If fiber optic service is available in your area, subscribing to it can improve the quality and speed of your service. Fiber means less time waiting and more time getting things done.

Trust, But Verify

We’ll keep an eye on your connection 24/7 and monitor for the quality of your internet connection. When something isn't right, our experts will contact your internet provider.

Fortis CloudSure℠

If your business uses the cloud, you need 2 internet connections

If your connection goes completely down, normal business operations can grind to a halt. With the Fortis CloudSureSM solution, we will merge connections from two separate service providers onto your network.

Having 2 internet providers is more affordable than ever

A failsafe connection if one of the two providers has an outage

The highest reliability service for your employees

Fortis Customer Testimonial

We used to waste a ton of time waiting for pages to load on the Internet. With our new faster connection, the Internet finally works at the speed of our business.

Mike Schowengerdt, Manager
Fortis IT Customer Logo