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Thank you for taking the time to learn about Fortis. We are a Sacramento area based Internet and communications provider dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing business communications needs. Our company’s flagship VoIP telephony solution, ProLinePBX, offers a highly flexible turnkey business VoIP telephone system hosted entirely in the cloud.

Founded by telecom industry veterans, our engineering team has contributed to the development of large carrier networks for AT&T, Sprint, Comcast, Microsoft, Time Warner and the United States Department of Defense.

Business Focused

In many cases the availability of high-capacity broadband with speeds above 5 Mbps is limited to urban and suburban areas. Businesses outside of these areas are forced to settle for DSL circuits with inferior upload speeds or pricey T1 circuits that offer a maximum speed of 1.5 Mbps.

Our service offerings provide 5 – 300 Mbps Internet access, virtual private networks, and voice services for small, medium, and large businesses; ideal for medical facilities, managed care facilities, education facilities,  libraries, etc..Additionally, we provide services to local government agencies including utilities, public safety, and law enforcement.

Technology Driven

Fortis is among the first competitive local exchange service providers to deliver secure, high performance broadband and managed VoIP PBX services over fiber, copper, and wireless “last mile” access technologies.

As you learn more about Fortis, you will understand that we are not a wireless ISP or WISP. We are a full-service communications provider that utilizes proprietary software as well as fiber and fixed-microwave wireless to provide a cost-effective alternative to services offered by the phone/cable companies.

Our product offering is the best combined telco and broadband solution available today — delivering low cost and high quality performance to our customers throughout the Northern California region, including the Greater Sacramento and Bay Areas.

When a customer is given a choice between Fortis’s Business Network and the traditional phone/cable companies, Fortis is the clear winner in price, performance and network support. The choice is easy: local expertise, faster delivery for VoIP services and Internet access, more bandwidth, guaranteed reliability, and low prices.

We used to waste a ton of time waiting for pages to load on the Internet. With our new faster connection, the Internet finally works at the speed of our business.

Mike Schowengerdt

Controls Specialist, RSACx

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