About Us

Like many of you, we are in the customer service business. We happen to be professionals at IT support, IT security, internet, and business VoIP systems. These critical systems enable you to grow, service, protect and differentiate your business.

Fortis’ founding partners and management team have 150+ years combined experience in consulting, building/creating, and the ongoing management of IT, internet, and VoIP phone service. We apply this know-how and cater to small to medium sized companies in many lines of business.

Unlike many IT companies out there, we are not a bunch of techs who started an IT company and load up our customers with products/services that are more than they need because we think the tech is cool.

We apply technology in a way that meets the business requirements of our customers.  Equally important, we’re highly accessible (rare trait in the IT world), we don’t hide behind email, and we communicate in an approachable, easy to understand manner.

We’re acutely aware and empathize that choosing the right IT, internet, and phone service partner is a vitally important decision for your business. Many of you feel you don’t have the right technology partner for your business, for whatever reason. You want to make a change or improve but you are worried about what that looks like and the steps to make that happen. Don’t be. You’ve found the right place.

When we say we want to be the “The Last IT Company Your Business Will Ever Need” we mean that we are experts in many areas of technology (deep bench of professionals), we are constantly improving/evolving our service offerings (e.g. cyber security & disaster recovery), and we’re relentless about customer service. Why would any business owner or executive want to change that relationship? No one does.

If you want to focus on building your business, servicing your customers all while worrying less about IT systems, then we’re the right partner for you.

Fortis: EDH Small Business of the Year