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Working with a local Sacramento Area VoIP provider makes all the difference when switching to a new business phone system. Enjoy a personalized customer experience with on-site training and a local support center. Call 916-235-4200 option 1.

Wow – over the top customer service!

I contacted Fortis on one of our employee’s recommendation, and David worked with our team to find the right solution, at the right price. Mike Duarte, our account manager, has been great in helping us get everything set up, and has been completely responsive to our questions. Fortis is the kind of company my company needs to grow and be successful – thank you!

MaryBeth Hall, Brown Pelican WiFi

We switched to business VoIP. Everything just worked.

Fortis sat down with us to understand how we needed our calls to be routed. They handled transferring our existing numbers to the new system. Once we switched to Fortis Business VoIP there were no issues, everything just worked.

Chad Bowman, Law Offices of Bowman & Associates

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Fortis VoIP Service Features

These are just a few of the many features you’ll have access to when your business moves to VoIP telephone service.

Unlike with a traditional in-house phone system, you are not locked into a feature set. VoIP provides a wide range of functionality with new capabilities continually added on over time.

Get Up and Running In Four Easy Steps

Give Us a Call

We’re experts at analyzing those hard-to-read phone bills. We’ll deal with the phone company for you and recommend an ideal VoIP Phone system.

Choose Your VoIP Business Phones

We’ve got lots of feature rich VoIP phones to choose from – basic, color, touchscreen and cordless models.

VoIP Service

We’ll train you and your team to get the most of your new VoIP phones and VoIP phone system in the shortest amount of time.

You Are Ready to
Start Calling!

Call anywhere in the country for one low monthly price on your new business-grade VoIP telephone system.

We'll walk you through the move to VoIP

We’ll help you order your VoIP phones and transfer your existing phone/fax numbers from the phone/cable company.

Together we’ll determine how best to route your customers to the right employees in your company and of course provide the all important on-site custom training for your new business VoIP phone service.

With Fortis, you have a partner for the life of your phone system. You can call us anytime for help, for free.

Fortis Business VoIP Service runs over the same network backbone used by Skype and Google Voice.

Business VoIP Service for Sacramento Area Businesses

Fortis is headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California. Our principal market area includes the following California counties: Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Yolo and Yuba. We also have customers in other parts of California and across the United States.

When you are planning a move to VoIP, it’s important that the components of your network are evaluated. Your router and switch must be VoIP-compatible to ensure consistently good call quality. You should confirm that you have the correct data cabling required to carry VoIP data traffic to each workstation. Your internet service bandwidth should be sufficient to handle the additional voice traffic. Because IT Support Services are a part of the Fortis’s offering, we will help with assessing your environment.

Fortis takes the time to study the bills from your current carrier to fully understand which lines are being used — and therefore determine which lines should be ported and which may be unnecessary. We’ve helped customers save money by consolidating and/or eliminating phone lines.

As part of the process, all phone numbers to be ported need to be confirmed and the proper porting documents submitted to properly coordinate the lines being transferred.

If you have existing analog line connections for burglar alarms, a fax machine and other devices, there are alternatative solutions for supporting those. Fortis can make recommendations for trusted partners offering VoIP compatible solutions for each.

Call 916-235-4200 option 1