Portable VoIP Phone

The “Take it Anywhere” Business VoiP Phone

When a business moves from having a set of business desktop telephones tethered to an in-house PBX — to a hosted VoIP system, one of the benefits that phone users receive and which they might not have expected is their telephone’s portability.

In fact, there are virtually no geographic constraints with a VoIP phone system. As long as there’s an eight pin ethernet jack to plug into and as long as the internet speed is above a certain threshold, a business VoIP phone can be plugged in anywhere in the world.

Have VoIP Phone, Will Travel

Here’s one of our El Dorado Hills, California customers talking about how he takes advantage of something he had not expected. As you’ll hear Mike explain, when he’s out of the country, his employees can dial his extension as if he’s sitting in his California office.

Here in the Sacramento area, many business owners, managers and employees spend time in the Lake Tahoe region. If a business owner or employee is in a position to work a half day and ski or boat a half day, it might make sense to throw their VoIP phone into their suitcase.

If an employee needs to work from home for an extended period of time, they can take their VoIP phone home and plug it in. It’s better than working off of a mobile phone—all the rich functionality of a desk phone (call transfer, conferencing, seeing who’s on the phone) works just as it does in the office.

Ease of a “Wholesale” Move

Having a hosted VoIP system also means that if and when you move your business, the telephone system may end up being one of the simplest aspects of the move. There’s no telephone company wiring needed and no telephone switch to find a location for.

With a VoIP telephone system, a business could relocate from San Jose to Sacramento — and everyone could keep their area code 408 direct dial numbers. The business could get a single area code 916 number for their website and other listings. Beyond that, all the external contacts who have been calling employees at an area code 408 number for years could continue to dial the same number.

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