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Moving Your Sacramento Area Business: Vendor Resources

As Sacramento area businesses rely more on technology and the internet, there are more factors than ever to consider when planning to move your business to a new location.

Below is a list of vendor categories and several Sacramento area resources to consider for both your technology and non-technology moving related needs.

Technology Vendors

Doug Quiroz, President of Cemo Commercial in Folsom, California, says, “be sure to think about telephone and internet service early in the moving process. Often, people wait too long and end up scrambling to get their business’s voice and data communications set up. Partnering up with a solid vendor on these fronts is essential.”

Telephone System

VoIP PhoneIf you are using a traditional, in-house telephone system, a pending move is a good time to consider a hosted VoIP phone system.

You can port your existing landline phone numbers to a VoIP provider even if you’re moving to a location that’s in a different area code.

If your business already has a VoIP system, the phone system relocation will be a relatively simple component of your move. With sufficient internet bandwidth, employee VoIP phones will be plug and play at the new location.

Cabling & Electrical

Ensure that there is an electrical outlet and a network ethernet jack at every workstation in your new office. Wi-Fi can be sufficient for an employee’s data needs, but they will need a jack to plug their VoIP phone into.

If there’s only a single ethernet cable to a remote part of the new office space, that run can be split to serve multiple employees by using a data switch.

If you plan to move a non-IP based in-house phone system to the new location, you will need individual runs of twisted pair copper wire to each workstation.


Business Fiber InternetMake sure that the building that you are moving to has cable or fiber internet service that is sufficient for your bandwidth requirements. This is particularly important if you have a hosted VoIP phone system or plan to purchase one.

If your internet connection is mission critical, find out if there are multiple internet service providers that offer service to the building. You can combine internet service from two providers into a single router. This gives you the combined bandwidth plus an automatic failover if one connection goes down.

Servers and Network Equipment

ServersThe server room or area in the new office space should first be evaluated for ventilation, AC power, cabling and equipment positioning.

An internal IT team or a qualified third party IT support resource can power down the servers and network gear.

Special care should be taken when moving servers, desktop computers and other computer equipment to the new location. Once at the new location, the equipment needs to be configured, reconnected and powered up.

Security Systems

If you have a security system or plan to get one, contact a security system vendor.

If you install or upgrade a burglar alarm, this is a good time to make sure the 916 area code is in your dial string. You may also want to consider a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system at your business’s new location.

Audio Video

Conference Room AVDecide whether to use a projector or a big screen TV screen in each of your conference or training rooms. There are pros and cons to each.

A high resolution projector can produce a larger image than a TV. However, unless a projector is ceiling-mounted, people and items can block the image. Projector bulbs do eventually fail and are expensive to replace.

This AV systems integration company has a Sacramento office.

Mobile Phone Service

As a group, your employees likely subscribe to a range of mobile carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Sometimes, cell tower service to a new business location can be unexpectedly weak for one or more carriers. Since the major carriers all support Wi-Fi calling on recent model phones, a weak carrier signal can be supplemented by strong Wi-Fi coverage within the new office space.

Non-Technology Vendors

There are a number of other vendors that should be, at minimum, notified of your office move.

Space Planning & Furniture Installation

There are multiple office furniture options. You can reuse or repurpose existing furniture. You can purchase new or refurbished furniture.

This Sacramento furniture company can help with your space planning and furniture needs.

Office Vending Machine

Plant Watering

Depending on how far you are moving, you may need a new plant watering service.


There are a number of vending companies in the Sacramento area can help with you coffee, drink and snack machines.


Be sure to notify couriers such as the USPS, UPS and FedEx about your new address.

Organizing Vendors and Other Lists of Moving Tasks

An excellent application for organizing and assigning tasks of any kind is Trello. Trello offers a free multi-user subscription option.

Here’s a link to a public Trello board that we created from a move checklist that was put together by

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