The Last IT Company Your Business Will Ever Need

Are you ready for a trusted IT partner that will manage your servers, computers, phones and internet to maximize productivity and security?

A full suite of managed IT services for business

Keep the bad guys out and protect your data

Protect your company’s servers, desktop computers and other devices from all the things that can disrupt productivity. Learn from our specialists where the gaps are in your data protection strategy.

Ensure critical systems and data are always available

Ensure that your employees can still access, use and collaborate on important business applications, even when there are disruptions outside of your control such as planned and unplanned power outages.

Save $$$ with a cloud phone system

Voice communication is no longer separate from your other flows of data. Keep your employees connected to your customers from any device, any time they’re on the clock or on standby.

Fast & reliable internet connections to the cloud

Select the best vendors and subscribe to the right level of internet service. Double up on data connections to protect your business in the event one vendor’s connection goes down.

Work and share from anywhere and any device

When you shift your office applications to the cloud, you and your team can work from anywhere and collaborate in real time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Ensure all systems & staff are working... all the time

Technical support issues come in all shapes and sizes. By having a team of techs who specialize in different areas at your disposal, problems can be resolved more quickly.

Business owners trust Fortis

Outsourcing server management and other IT support to Fortis allowed us to refocus our internal technical resources on projects that are tied more closely to revenue generation.

Marc Alciati, CEO

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