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Fortis Telecom – Your partner in business communications

High speed Internet, VoIP, and IT Services

Your business needs affordable, reliable, and scalable business communication services – high speed internet and a VoIP phone system. But, how comfortable are you with equipment choices, sizing, and the transition? No problem, Fortis Telecom has the answers and a turnkey service to remove all the headaches. With decades of combined experience in business internet services and reliable IT consulting, we are truly your one stop for all business voice and data communications needs.No more finger pointing, no more extended downtime. One phone call to Fortis is all you need. By offering this exclusive triple play service – Internet, VoIP, and IT support – we are your comprehensive business communications provider in the Sacramento area.

High Speed Internet

Your high speed, broadband internet service is the heart of your business. At Fortis Telecom we have flexible internet access solutions designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses.

Our high speed internet services are available in a variety of speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 300 Mbps. Our services can be installed and operational in days, not weeks or months. Once your service is installed, upgrading to faster speeds is a simple phone call away.

All of our service plans guarantee performance, reliability and are designed to scale as your business grows.


All Plans Include:
  • 5 Mbps – 300 Mbps
  • Bandwidth On-Demand
  • Fast Installs & Upgrades
  • High Security Protocols
  • Local Technical Support
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Fortis Telecom offers a Business Fiber+ service that is currently being rolled out throughout northern California including the Greater Sacramento and Bay Area. For most businesses, fiber-based internet connections are out of reach from a monthly charge perspective and require multi-year contracts.

Business Fiber+ solves this problem by offering internet speeds well over 100 Mbps at cable company prices with month-to-month agreements.

For those areas where Business Fiber+ is not yet available, we provide our fixed-microwave wireless solutions to extend the reach of our fiber. This is ideal for those businesses that are located in buildings where fiber connectivity is years away.

Equally attractive to today’s businesses that rely on the internet, our fixed-microwave wireless solutions provide a secondary or “back-up” connection to the internet in the event the primary fiber circuit in the street is damaged. This ensures companies can keep their phones and computers running.

All the Benefits of VoIP, None of the Hassle.

Cloud based PBX Business Phone System

Fortis Telecom is proud to now offer a business VoIP platform specifically designed to solve the communications needs of small to medium-sized businesses and professional offices.

ProLinePBX is a feature rich, cloud-based hosted VoIP service ideal for those who are fed up with their local phone/cable company and require personal and responsive customer service.

The service includes a review of your current telephone bills, money saving advice and a business communication solution tailored to your needs.

We treat your business as if it were our own, offering unlimited nationwide calling plus advanced features for routing and managing your calls and messages all for one low monthly price.

High Speed Internet, VoIP, IT Support Services

Concierge IT Support Services

What could make high speed internet and business VoIP services at affordable prices even better?

IT Support Services – a virtual IT department for your small & medium sized business

Fortis is now offering a full-service IT support solution for small & medium sized businesses. Our IT services include maintenance, support, troubleshooting, offsite backup, disaster recovery, hardware sales, network wiring, network design, diagnostics and more. We have a local support team dedicated to answering the phone. We are responsive, professional, and a good partner.

We improve your business operations and ultimately your bottom line by…

  • Keeping your technology infrastructure operating smoothly and minimizing costly down time
  • Ensuring your data is safe
  • Supporting your users to keep them productive

At Fortis, we want to be your trusted business partner. We work hard for you and, as a result, we have many long term business relationships with Sacramento area businesses who enjoy the level of service and the piece-of-mind of our products and services.

Let us show you exactly how we can save you money on your business internet, phone, and IT costs. Contact us today for a free evaluation!

IT Services

Quality, Responsive, Friendly
  • Network Support
  • Security, reliability, and performance
  • Server Support
  • Installation, upgrades & maintenance
  • PC Support
  • Your employees are always productive
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Your data is secure and accessible
  • Network Security
  • Get the piece of mind you deserve
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High Speed Internet

High speed internet service with speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 300 Mbps

Hosted VoIP

Cloud-based hosted VoIP telephone communications systems for business

IT Services

Fast, reliable IT Support Services for your business