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Tablet and Mobile Device
Desktop & Devices Team

This team is responsible for tasks such as:

  • Setup and configuration of computers for new users
  • Resolving computer software or hardware issues
  • Moving workstations from one location to another
  • Keeping endpoint security software up-to-date
Computer Network
Network & Security Team

Our network team works on services that include:

  • Routers & Switches
  • Backups
  • Internet connectivity
  • Network security
Rack of Computers
Server Team

The server team focuses on:

  • Backups
  • Shared applications
  • Availability
  • Folder permissions
Telephone Handset
Telephone System Team

Our managed business voice specialists help with:

  • Adding new VoIP phones
  • Reassigning telephone extensions
  • Auto attendant configuration
  • Rule changes, such as call forwarding

Everyone at our company has a different level of understanding about IT. The Fortis help desk team knows how to take the conversation to a level where each of us can understand them. This means that issues get resolved even faster.

Marc Alciati, CEO

What You Can Expect

Service excellence is our hallmark. We promise to…

Be Reachable

Our support team has dedicated members answering the phone

Be Reliable

We do what we say when we say we will

Be Enjoyable

We think you should like working with us not dread, "calling those computer guys"

Be Capable

We hire only the best technicians and technologists who not only work effectively in any work environment, but communicate with you too

Be Proactive

We will provide you with recommendations for improving your office IT environment and increasing office productivity that will increase your bottom line

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