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Internet, VoIP, and IT Services in El Dorado Hills

The business community of El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas, is strong and growing. The El Dorado Hills Business Park alone is home to over 200 companies and some of the county’s largest employers. Not only is the business park a significant contributor to the local economy, but you will also find one of best Internet, VoIP, and IT Services providers located there as well. As published in the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Walk 2016 Report, Fortis Telecom was voted by the local businesses as one of the top service providers. Click here to read the article.

High Speed Internet Service

Every business forecasts their sales and works toward growth of the bottom line, but how many are simultaneously planning the expansion of their internet usage, their phone systems, and their need for more and better IT Services and security. Waiting for any of these to be an absolute need, could be a fatal business mistake, especially your internet services which connects every business contact and keeps the information moving forward. Don’t let your internet negatively affect your business. Plan for growth, plan for change, and be ready before the need.

Your local El Dorado Hills business partner, Fortis Telecom, is right around the corner with excellent service, great advice, and a high-speed internet service to keep your business connected today and as you grow.

VoIP Service in El Dorado Hills

Your phone system is your life line, connecting your employees, your remote offices, and most importantly, your customers. Quality connections and a full featured phone system make your company always look professional and keep your staff communicating efficiently. Don’t overlook the importance of your phone system!

If you are suffering from poor quality phone service or high usage rates, it’s time to consider a VoIP Phone system that gives you all the features of a traditional phone system (and more) while saving you money. The experienced communications experts at Fortis Telecom can show you exactly how. In addition, you will find the cost to add a new employee or move an existing employee’s work location is now a thing of the past. Grow your business phone system with reduced expense. Learn more about the flexibility and cost savings of a VoIP Phone System from Fortis.

Fortis Telecom – IT Support Services El Dorado Hills

There was a time, not so long ago, when businesses had their own payroll departments, their own legal departments, their own support teams. Times have changed. Companies are focusing on their core business and outsourcing anything that is repetitive, supportive, and does not immediately translate to business revenue. Business IT Support is no exception. You can either go through all the trouble of managing the process yourself, or you can let the technology people handle the technology.

At Fortis Telecom, we understand that dealing with email outages, backups, server downtime, and other IT support needs is a major distraction from focusing on your core business. Our experienced IT team has been saving businesses time and money by acting as the responsive, proactive, virtual IT department for nearly 20 years.

Our local and very happy clients include: The State of California, Sacramento and Placer County, CBS, Infinity Broadcasting, Viacom, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, Thermogenesis Corporation, and many more.

If you would like to learn more about outsourcing, or just need some assistance as your business grows, we’re here to help you succeed.

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