IT Support in El Dorado Hills

Fortis EDH Small Business of the Year

IT Support in El Dorado Hills

Provided by the company that was awarded Small Business of the Year for 2018 by the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce.

At Fortis, we understand that dealing with email outages, backups, server downtime, malware threats and other IT support needs distracts from focusing on the core business. Our experienced IT support team has been giving back time to business owners so they can better focus on their business. We act as a responsive and proactive virtual IT department.

Business VoIP Service in El Dorado Hills

Your phone system is your lifeline. It’s a connection to your employees, your remote offices, and most important, your customers. Quality connections and a full featured phone system makes your business operations more efficient.

If you are suffering from poor quality phone service or high usage rates, it’s time to consider a VoIP telephone system. VoIP will give you more features than a traditional phone system and save you money. The experienced communications experts at Fortis can show you exactly how. In addition, you will discover that VoIP gives employees a lot more flexibility and makes it easier for your customer to connect with them. Grow your business phone system with reduced expense.

Business VoIP Phone in EDH
CloudSure Non-Stop Internet

Non-Stop Internet Service

Fortis offers our non-stop CloudSure℠ technology to El Dorado Hills businesses. Your business will enjoy super fast, redundant broadband internet service. Your VoIP phone system calls will be clearer. Your web connections and data transfers will be faster.

Our CloudSure technology lets you merge bandwidth from any two internet service providers into one “super-connection”. Not only does this doubled-up connection provide much higher bandwidth, but if one of your providers’ connections goes down, the other connection keeps you and your team connected to internet. When the failed connection recovers, it goes right back to work.

Your local El Dorado Hills business partner, Fortis is right around the corner.

Facts About Fortis’ EDH Customers

Fortis has over 150 customers in El Dorado Hills.

The top five industries among our El Dorado Hills customer base are: Technology; Healthcare; Financial; Construction & Contracting; and Dental.

Windfield Business Center, pictured on the right, is around the corner from our headquarters in El Dorado Hills, California.

El Dorado Hills Business Park

The business community of El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas is strong and is growing. The El Dorado Hills Business Park alone is home to over 200 companies and some of the county’s largest employers. It is one of the premier business parks in the Sacramento area.

Not only is the business park a significant contributor to the local economy, but you’ll find a highly rated IT support, business VoIP and fixed wireless internet provider there as well.

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