VoIP - Th Gift of Efficiency

Staying in touch with co-workers, clients, and your vendors is a must for your business. Ease of use, reliability, and voice clarity are all really important. We would like to show you how a phone system installed by Fortis can really transform your business.

At Fortis, we believe that people are the core of your business and the technology which enables them is equally important. We have learned that great technology, fast efficient networks and phones, and a professional IT support team not only make your current employees effective and productive, but leading edge technology also attracts great talent. People want to work for a company that has great tools and a professional working environment. In fact, at Fortis, we have built and currently utilize the most efficient phone system for our multi-office business and every employee is delighted by the flexibility, ease of use, and the efficiency with which they now perform their jobs.

In fact, we are so passionate about our VoIP phone system, we want to show local businesses in the greater Sacramento area how we have made a difference in our company, and more importantly, how we can make amazing cost and efficiency improvements for your business.

Here are just a few of the top Efficiency and Cost Savings you can expect from a VoIP Phone System:

  • Simple extension dialing even if your co-worker is in another office building in another location or working remotely from home.
  • Less expensive hardware. The cost of a PBX can be daunting for a small start-up. Not only is the equipment less expensive but the time and expense of the installation are significantly less as well.
  • Quicker Setup and Easy Modifications. Standard land base phone systems require the phone company to install and make changes or additions. Now changes in staff, extension moves, or even the prompts your callers hear, can all be accommodated in-house through a web application, eliminating this expense.
  • Auto Attendant can not only route your calls anywhere but this feature eliminates the need for a dedicated receptionist. If you have multiple locations, weigh the cost savings!
  • Single published phone number. Since this intelligent phone system can route your calls across multiple physical locations, you can provide your customers with a single number to call for Sales, Support, Billing, etc.
  • Seamlessly supports virtual workers through find me/follow me routing and call screening. You can offer your employees the ability to telecommute some or part of the week and your clients never need to know they are not in the office. This can have a dramatic savings on office space and certainly on talent acquisition.
  • Maximize connectivity even for mobile workers. This is incredibly valuable for sales and service professionals who are often on the road or at a job site. Phone calls can be routed to their mobile phones. Never miss a call!
  • Failover capability. No power, no worries. VoIP can be configured with a failover solution so that your business continues no matter what the situation.
  • Call Centers can enjoy inbound call distribution and managers can provide on-call training and coaching with barge and whisper features.
  • Voicemail to Email, Unified Messaging – Voicemails, missed calls and email messages consolidated into your inbox and mobile device

 Let Fortis show you how you can save money with your initial investment and continue to save money every month. Take your business communications to the next level with a hosted VoIP system from Fortis Telecom. Contact us today!

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