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Fortis Telecom – Cloud Based Hosted VoIP Solutions

All the benefits of VoIP. None of the hassle.

Cloud based hosted VoIP solutions help businesses communicate with each other and with their clients. When everyone works together, businesses succeed. When employees can collaborate, anytime and anywhere, productivity improves. When people can communicate easily, questions are resolved, problems are tackled, and innovation thrives.

Bring together voice communications with an internet phone and VoIP service from Fortis Telecom. Our new ProLinePBX solution connects your business to your clients quickly, easily and for less than the combined costs of phone lines & expensive phone equipment. In addition, VoIP offers a wide range of advanced features that typically aren’t available from traditional telephone service providers, including:

  • Nationwide 3-digit dialing — Save time and dial 3 digits instead of 10
  • Virtual Receptionist — Let the phone system answer and route calls
  • Voicemail to email — Unified Messaging
  • Follow-me Forwarding — Forward calls to other phone numbers with a click of the mouse
  • Call Logs — Incoming, outgoing, missed business calls
  • Call Queues — Configuration for handling multiple incoming calls at once
  • On-hold Music — Use music or marketing messages for clients on hold
  • Call Screening — Only receive required calls during project crunch time
  • Dial-by-name Directory — Offload employees tracking down phone calls that aren’t for them

Voice over IP (VoIP) delivers traditional voice capabilities plus much more at a lower cost, with far more flexibility, and offers the ability to scale as your business grows.

Benefits Of VoIP

What Can Cloud Based Hosted VoIP Do For Your Business?

Along with a host of great VoIP features that you can’t get with traditional phone service, including the ability to customize tailored VoIP solutions for your industry vertical, there are many additional benefits of cloud based hosted VoIP worth considering:

  • Your phone system isn’t tied to obsolete products from the phone/cable company.
  • Business won’t be interrupted or go down because your phone system fails and you can’t find anyone to bring it back to life.
  • You won’t be forced to spend more than you have to on expedited repair fees/charges.
  • Keep your existing numbers while eliminating costly call forwarding charges from the phone company.
  • Reduce total system costs and improve system reliability.

Stop paying numerous vendors — local and long distance voice service providers, toll-free service providers, Internet service providers, phone system manufacturers, phone system maintenance vendors, system vendors — and simplify the process. ProLinePBX VoIP service reduces the number of players involved and lets you deal with one vendor.

Communicating with customers, vendors, and coworkers is critical and for many businesses and a full-featured and reliable hosted VoIP service is how this will be accomplished — now and in the future.

Call Fortis Telecom today for a free estimate of what cloud-based hosted VoIP can do to improve your bottom line and your communication possibilities.

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