User Group For Sacramento BusinessesFor employees and owners of Sacramento businesses and area businesses, attending a technology user group meeting is a great way to network with peers and learn the latest about technologies that are important to your job and the growth of your business.

Some user groups are niche in terms of the job role that they attract. Other user groups cut across a wide range of user types ranging from product admins to marketers to business owners & executives.

Certain user groups are challenged with getting enough regular attendees. In fact, some groups go dormant. Other user groups have no problem attracting a consistent number of regular meeting attendees. In most cases, dedicated efforts by organizers is what drives a sustainable attendance level.

Here are eight user groups that people who work for Sacramento businesses should consider attending.

Sacramento Adobe Users Group

The SAUG meets the first Thursday of each month, starting at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are held at
The Art Institute of California in Sacramento.

Past topics have included Photoshop Layers, Adobe Animate, 3D Photoshop and SVG format.

Sacramento SQL Server User Group

The Sacramento SQL Server User Group is a local chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS).

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month from 6PM to 8PM. Discussions are about anything relating to Microsoft SQL Server. Each July, there is an event called SQLSaturday.

Sacramento SharePoint User Group

Another Microsoft-related user group is the Sacramento SharePoint User Group.

Those interested in joining can sign up for free. This group does not appear to have any upcoming meetings on the calendar.

Sacramento Salesforce User Group

Salesforce User Groups have been set up around the world. There is a user group for the Greater Sacramento area.

Each geographic area also has a virtual user group that Salesforce users and admins can log into with their Salesforce credentials. There is a Salesforce-hosted event page and a Facebook page.

Sacramento Java Users Group (SacJUG)

The Sacramento Java User Group meets every month to discuss and discover new technologies that involve Java and other electronic information systems.

With monthly meetings going back over a decade, this group does not seem to have any trouble getting the Java faithful to keep coming back for more.

Sacramento PC User Group (SACPUG)

The SPCUG has an annual membership fee of $30. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at Arden-Dimick, located at 891 Watt Avenue in Sacramento.

This user group has packed meeting agendas, which include tutorials, Q&A and multiple presentations. Presentations are aon software and hardware advancements; new computer trends; security awareness and applications; and other requested topics.

Sacramento Area GIS User Group

If topics such as Executing Geoprocessing Tools from Scripts and ArcPy Mapping are your thing, then this is the user group for you.

The next scheduled meeting as of the writing of this post is April 26, 2017 at the chambers of Sacramento City Hall.

Sacto Linux User Group

According to an email on this user group’s site, the user group is working on a new direction forward.

Traditional Linux topics such as “challenges of installing linux, getting various drivers to work, getting servers, firewalls, routers, and NAS boxes built” are no longer important because of refined Linux distros and the commoditization of Linux devices.

User Group Benefits to Businesses and Employees

User groups can be valuable to Sacramento businesses and their employees in several ways.

These meetings are an excellent venue for employees to meet and network with people who have similar interests.

User groups can help people maintain a high level of enthusiasm about their jobs.

User group attendees can return to work with some fresh ideas about how to leverage technologies in ways that will benefit the business.