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7 Qualities To Look For In an Outsourced IT Support Organization

The quality and value of outsourced IT support and managed services ranges widely across different provider organizations.

There are several factors that play into the level of quality that a managed services provider (MSP) delivers. These include:

  • Knowledge and ongoing education of the staff
  • The staff’s natural level of concern for other people’s business issues
  • Management’s oversight on customer case statuses and resolution plans
  • The deployment and usage of system monitoring and customer service software
  • The size of the support organization

Here are seven qualities to look for in an outsourced IT support organization.

They return calls and emails promptly

When an IT support issue arises, it’s important to be able to either get someone on the phone or get a timely response to an email or web form submission. There’s little that’s more frustrating in business than not getting help when there’s a problem.

Their organization is the right size

Everyone needs time off. But if half of a two person support team is dirt biking in the desert when the top performing salesperson can’t print a document (true story), that organization may be too small. If an outsourced IT support organization is too large, the interactions can become impersonal for the customer contacts who need to report issues and coordinate onsite visits.

They let their customers know where things stand

Not all IT issues can be resolved immediately. Troubleshooting may be required. Sometimes research is needed. When an IT support organization has deployed a customer case management system that displays dashboards and sends out alerts, it’s much easier for the support team to know when it’s time to give a customer an update as to where things stand.

They focus on problem prevention

Regular preventative maintenance on servers, workstations, network equipment and mission critical applications. Software and firmware patches to protect against the latest security threats. Training end users about how to avoid phishing schemes. These are just a few of the proactive tasks that can stop problems from ever occurring. A prevention cadence can’t live in people’s heads. An IT support company needs to have the right systems in place to ensure a proactive approach to IT support.

They give each customer access to the customer’s own information

An outsourced IT organization needs to have an encrypted store of a customer’s various in-house system and cloud credentials. Those credentials are the customer’s. As such, a customer should have upon-request access to any logins and passwords that they don’t have or that have been updated from what they do have.

They treat a customer’s business as if it were their own

At an individual level, an outsourced IT support team’s staff need to be the type of people who have a genuine concern for the well being of their customers’ business. When someone isn’t naturally bothered by a customer’s problem, that can be reflected in the quality of support. When management isn’t asking, “why has this customer support case been open longer than average?” the level of support may reflect a lack of oversight.

They create ongoing value for each customer’s business

As with any outsourced vendor, the ongoing goal of an outsourced IT organization should be to create value for their customers. In the case of IT support, this value should go beyond putting out fires. It should be about becoming a partner that helps improve each customer’s overall benefit from using technology.

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