high-speed-internetTaking Elk Grove Businesses into the Cloud

Fortis Telecom is using its high-speed internet service to help Elk Grove businesses take advantage of cloud-based applications. The introduction of high-speed internet for Elk Grove businesses will transform the way they work and the way they approach their business applications. High speed internet paves the way for hosted VoIP phone systems, saving Elk Grove businesses money on their monthly phone service. In addition, it facilitates the move to best-of-breed cloud applications and cloud-based management systems.

                                        Why move to the Cloud?

Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud? Cloud computing increases efficiency in many ways. It reduces the amount of hardware required at the business location, thus eliminating the purchase and maintenance costs of large servers as well as the IT resources needed to run, manage, and maintain those servers.

Cloud-based services are ideal for growing businesses. If your computing needs increase, it is very easy to scale your cloud capacity. If business slows, scaling down is also easily accomplished. This level of flexibility is providing Elk Grove businesses with a real advantage over their competitors.

Disaster recovery is another important benefit of cloud-based computing. Many small companies lack the capital and expertise for a truly redundant server environment. Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions can take care of all your needs with less hassle and far less cost.

The move to the cloud also facilitates collaboration, both within the office and remotely. Cloud-based workflow and file sharing applications help remote workers see and make updates in real time and gives everyone full visibility and flexibility to work from anywhere.

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