Outsourced IT Support TechFor small businesses, hiring and retaining an internal IT support staff can be challenging and expensive. The needs for IT services fluctuate over time.

Hiring a full-time staff to cover those needs is a major challenge and expense. How can a small company keep up with all the skills needed to handle the needs of today as well as the needs of the future?

Fear of surrendering control may be holding many companies back from realizing the benefits of outsourcing some or all their IT services. But if you can find an IT support provider who will work with you in a genuine partnership, understanding the specific needs of your business, you will soon see that this fear is unfounded.

Your strengths lie in your core business products and services and you will strengthen your strategic direction by outsourcing the fundamental and repetitive elements of your IT service and support.

 When and Why Should You Get Outsourced IT Support?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to understand when outsourced IT support makes good business sense:

  1. Look at the various IT related tasks like hardware maintenance, software upgrades, networking and user support. Is there a competitive advantage in keeping this particular IT task in-house? If your business is not rooted in the technology sector, chances are IT support personnel are not core to your business initiatives. If your IT support staff doesn’t further the sale of your products or services by maintaining IT support staff, then consider outsourcing.
  2. Is it a specialized service you don’t need to handle full-time? You might perform this task once or twice per year, such as software upgrades. Do you need a full-time employee for this job?
  3. Is it a commodity service that someone else can do better and more efficiently (such as backups)?
  4. Are the costs to outsource lower than hiring employees to take care of it in-house?

The trend toward outsourcing is growing, and for some very good reasons. Understanding the “why” can help you see the business advantages of this important decision.

Here are some excellent reasons “why” to consider getting outsourced IT support services:

  • More for Less – The small/medium business owner can acquire far better skilled services for less money through outsourcing.
  • Efficient cost management – Companies are always looking to lower costs to improve the bottom line. An outsourced IT Support Program not only lowers your costs but allows you to more effectively manage them. Rather than having spikes in your IT costs with a “break and fix” model, an outsourced IT program will be far more consistent from month to month. This is the primary reason for a company of any size to consider outsourcing.
  • Free up resources to focus on your business needs – Companies, especially smaller ones, tend not to have a surplus of talent ready at hand for networking or computer emergencies. Let professionals deal with the issues and use your internal resources for support processes and tasks that help you expand your business.
  • Expertise – Unless you have a large organization, you probably don’t have a sizable enough IT budget to hire experts that can advise you on the rapidly changing technology of today. Outsourcing at least part of your IT support gives you access to a greater expertise than what you can afford in-house.
  • Focus – Outsourcing your IT support can allow you to focus your resources on what you do best. Leave the backups, the troubleshooting, hardware and software maintenance, and user issues to the experts. Focus your staff on your business and growth initiatives.

Find an IT service provider that takes the time to learn your business and treats you like a partner. Find an IT Service package that saves you money and keeps your infrastructure up-to-date, properly backed up, and is responsive to your needs.