7 Ways To Use Google Sheets In Your Business

7 Ways To Use Google Sheets In Your BusinessThese days it seems like there’s an app for just about everything. Whether it’s a mobile app, cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), or just a regular old-fashioned program on your hard drive, the amount of tools available to businesses can be overwhelming.

But sometimes the best tools are the ones that have been around the longest. And for business applications, few pieces of software are more time-tested and versatile than spreadsheet software. While not as flashy as other popular business apps on the market today, spreadsheets remain one of the best multi-function business tools in existence.

Google Sheets is Google’s spreadsheet tool. It’s part of Google’s productivity software suite, called G Suite. Google Sheets offers businesses a tremendous amount of flexibility to track, organize, and evaluate important data. (more…)

How We Use Salesforce to Provide Top Notch Technology Support to Our Customers

Customer SupportFortis is a Sacramento area company that offers managed services and IT support to small businesses across Northern California. We also provide hosted VoIP service to businesses nationwide.

Successfully scaling a technology services organization requires equal attention to people, process and technology.

As Fortis has grown, we have been careful to hire the right people to support our expanding customer base. We have had to put the right processes in place to onboard our new customers and support our existing customers. As the last leg, we have implemented technologies that our team can use to easily follow the processes we’ve defined.

For an operational system, we investigated Customer Relationship Management software options. We wanted a system we could mold to fit the customer-facing processes we had designed and that we would continue to refine over time. (more…)

Small Business Cloud Accounting Software Roundup

SMB Cloud Accounting Software RoundupNo too long ago, small businesses looking for budget-friendly accounting software only had a few options to choose from. The good news is that in 2018 – soon to be 2019 – there are now a wide range of solutions available. Cloud-based accounting apps are available from a variety of different vendors that span the whole range of features and price points.

The challenge now is trying to figure out exactly which cloud-based accounting solution is the best fit for your business. (more…)

“Change Management”: Demystifying Another Business Buzzword

Business Change ManagementEvery small business owner at some point learns that change is necessary to survive. While most of the time those changes relate to the products and services a business offers or how they market them to their customers, sometimes change needs to be internal.

Improving business processes and technology is often critical to keep up with the evolving demands of customers and marketplace competitors. Unfortunately, simply dumping new technology, processes, and/or requirements onto employees without warning rarely has the desired effect. (more…)

Small Business SEO Is Not A “One Day Build”

Small Business SEOFor many years now, search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the secret weapons small businesses have been able to use to compete at both local and national levels for online visibility. As SEO has become more popular, more businesses have been willing to dip their toes in the water hoping for success.

To be successful however, small business SEO needs to be more than just a “one day build”. It’s important to understand that search optimization is a process, not a product. (more…)

“Business Collaboration”: A buzzword that means what, exactly?

Business CollaborationThe buzzword “collaboration” is thrown around by a lot of technology vendors. Sometimes, their products don’t offer business collaboration in the true sense of the word.

The definition of the word “collaborate” is very specific. It’s a verb that means, “work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.”

In business, several people often need to review and edit a document before it’s considered “final.” However, the traditional business collaboration process can be inefficient. (more…)

13 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Cloud-Based Phone System

Questions for Cloud Phone VendorA blessing and curse of modern office technology is the level of integration available between various systems. It’s fantastic when everything works, but it can be real headache when trying to mix and match, or replace technology.

For those who are considering switching from analog to the world of a digital cloud-based phone system, it’s critical to ask each vendor under consideration how their solution will integrate with your existing office environment—beyond just replacing the phones on employees’ desks.

Here are thirteen questions to ask each vendor on your shortlist before making a purchasing decision. (more…)

Don’t Bite! How To Avoid Phishing Scams At Work

Business Phishing EmailWhen was the last time you got an email from a Nigerian prince asking you to help him recover a secret hoard of cash? It sounds like a terrible joke, right? But for many of us, getting one (or more) of these emails was our first experience with what is now known as “phishing”.

As the internet has grown, tools to filter out these kinds of spam have gotten more sophisticated. Unfortunately, so have the methods of phishing used by criminals. More important, the focus of their efforts has migrated from consumers to businesses. In 2017 alone, businesses targeted by phishing attacks lost over half a billion dollars. This year, it’s likely to be even more. (more…)

It’s official! Fortis is now a Google Cloud Partner for G Suite

Google Cloud PartnerFor several years, Fortis has provided a range of G Suite-related services to Northern California businesses.

Because so many of our IT support and VoIP customers were asking for G Suite services, we decided to make it official and become a Google Cloud Partner.

This partner relationship makes Fortis part of an exclusive group. Google has a higher acceptance bar than do most business technology vendors.

Whether you are unfamiliar with G Suite, have a passing familiarity, or know a fair amount, the following Q & A should help. (more…)