ProLinePBX Business VoIP System – How To Videos

ProLinePBX Business VoIP SystemThese videos will help you solve certain issues and learn ProLinePBX user & administrator functionality.

Block Nuisance Calls

Nuisance calls come in several forms. They can be robocalls, telemarketing calls or even just an overly persistent salesperson.

The good news is, in the ProLinePBX portal, you can block incoming calls from specific numbers. Blocking numbers can be done both on a per user basis and by Ring Group.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: How To Block Nuisance Calls


Fix a “Not Registered” or “No Service” Phone

If your phone isn’t working and it displays a message such as “No Service” or “Not Registered”, there are a few simple things you can try that may quickly get your phone working again.

How To Fix a "Not Registered" or "No Service" ProLinePBX Phone


Manage Ring Groups

If you have login access to a Ring Group, you can change which phones ring on inbound calls to a specific phone number.

You can optionally set a ringing sequence. You can specify where the caller will be directed if no Ring Group members are available to answer a call.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: How To Manage Ring Groups


Reassign an Extension to a New User

You’ll occasionally need to change the username and related user information for a ProLinePBX extension. For example, you may want to assign a former employee’s extension to a new employee.

Here’s how to update an existing extension.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: How To Reassign an Extension To A New User


Set Up a Voicemail Greeting Via the VoIP Portal

This video shows how to record your greeting via the portal. You can use the same process to record your name. If you want to upload a professionally recorded greeting we have a separate video that explains how to both record and upload a greeting.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: Record a Voicemail Greeting in The Portal


Forward Calls to a Mobile Number

If you are going to be out of the office for a time and would like calls to your VoIP phone to forward to your mobile phone, here are the steps for setting that up. If you want to get more fancy and preprogram times of day and days of week that calls should ring to your mobile phone, this video explains how to use timeframes to set that up.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: Forwarding Calls to a Mobile Number in the Portal


Change The Email Address for New Voicemail Notifications

ProLinePBX can notify you via email when you have a new voice message. You can add up to five notification email addresses.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: Change The New Voicemail Notification Email Address


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