ProLinePBX VoIP Portal – Three Frequently Requested User How-Tos

ProLine PBX VoIP PortalVoIP provides a lot more flexibility for businesses than traditional PBX systems or Centrex service. While PBX and Centrex options and features tend to remain relatively static, VoIP service options can be continuously added because the service is cloud-hosted.

Another benefit to a cloud-hosted service is that a user portal is available through a web browser.

With the ProLinePBX business VoIP system, each individual user has the ability to set certain options through the VoIP portal. For a VoIP user, the portal is an easier alternative to activating features from the VoIP telephone’s dial pad.

Our customers often ask us how they can access VoIP features via a browser. Here are the top three requests we get and video how-tos for the ProLinePBX VoIP portal.

1. Set Up a Voicemail Greeting Via the VoIP Portal

This video shows how to record your greeting via the portal. You can use the same process to record your name. If you want to upload a professionally recorded greeting we have a separate video that explains how to both record and upload a greeting.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: Record a Voicemail Greeting in The Portal


2. Forward Calls to a Mobile Number

If you are going to be out of the office for a time and would like calls to your VoIP phone to forward to your mobile phone, here are the steps for setting that up. If you want to get more fancy and preprogram times of day and days of week that calls should ring to your mobile phone, this video explains how to use timeframes to set that up.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: Forwarding Calls to a Mobile Number in the Portal


3. Change The Email Address for New Voicemail Notifications

ProLinePBX can notify you via email when you have a new voice message. You can add up to five notification email addresses.

ProLinePBX VoIP System: Change The New Voicemail Notification Email Address

As you can see, the ProLinePBX VoIP portal makes it easy to program your telephone functionality. If you have any questions, please call us at 916-235-4200.