Fixed Wireless Internet

Microwave Wireless Broadband

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Fixed Wireless Internet

Microwave Wireless Internet – Fast, Reliable, Brilliantly Engineered

Fixed wireless broadband internet is a wireless service that uses microwave technology to deliver high speed, dedicated bandwidth for businesses located just outside the reach of the fiber network. This reliable, scalable approach to wireless internet service allows businesses to send and receive data between two or more locations at very high speeds using point to point wireless communications.Fixed wireless broadband is distinctly different from mobile or Wi-Fi communications which is a “one to many” type model for wireless internet connectivity. Rather, fixed wireless is a microwave internet solution that offers dedicated wireless internet connections that provide superior performance, scalability, and security.

As a fixed wireless broadband provider, Fortis Telecom is helping northern California businesses improve their corporate productivity and top-line growth by offering high speed communications that provide enhanced reliability, redundancy, and security. Businesses who once despaired at the cost of having fiber brought to their location are now delighted with the advantages and scalability of wireless internet service.

Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet Service

Seamless Integration – Fast, Secure Communications

Wireless Broadband Features

With Fortis Telecom’s Fixed Wireless Broadband, you will enjoy:

  • High speed, reliable, and secure internet communications
  • Fast installation – business broadband service without the wait
  • No trenching, construction, or permitting costs
  • Bandwidth up to GigE
  • Supports voice and data
  • Seamless integration with your LAN
  • Concierge Support Service

Have you been looking for a flexible, high capacity, and extremely dependable solution that delivers commercial-grade broadband at affordable rates to any location? Look no further. Fortis Telecom has the expertise and the fixed microwave technology to deliver. Call us today to learn more about this unique solution.

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