IT Consulting For Sacramento Area Businesses

What Should An IT Consultant Do For You?

In the Sacramento area, as elsewhere, the starting point for an IT consultant is to have a business-level conversation with you. That means no tech speak, just plain English.

The mission of our IT consultants is to provide expert advice to your company—advice on how to apply today’s information technology to grow your business, better service your customers and protect yourself from cyber criminals.

To do this effectively, the consultant will invest the time to become familiar with the nuances of your particular business. We work to understand what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. We understand, no two businesses are alike—even two companies in the exact same industry.

Goals First. Technology Second.

Implementing the right IT infrastructure and data security measures for your business should not be driven by technology. These decisions must be driven by business goals.

For example, a business goal might be, "we are adding a new location and need both offices to share files and easily access the time clock system." In this case, the consultant will interview your staff to fully understand what access is required, from where and how often.

Based on the requirements, the IT consultant will prepare an easy to understand proposal for you to consider options for a secure file and application sharing system.

Protecting Your Investment

Our IT consultants understand that you’ve labored long and hard to build your business. Unfortunately, there are hackers out there working everyday to compromise companies like yours to steal or destroy confidential company information. A good IT consulting plan prepares you against the potential disaster of a cyber security attack.

In today’s day and age, a good IT consultant must have a top tier suite of IT security products in their bag. Fortis’ Defensor cyber security solution delivers real-time protection against ransomware and cybercriminals, keeping your data safe. Cyber security capabilities detect threats from the source using intrusion awareness to eliminate problems before they happen.

A Trusted Advisor

As a local IT consulting company, Fortis can also help your Sacramento business with a variety of technology decisions. From software and hardware selection to telephone and cyber security systems. For example, what’s better for your company—Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite?

Beyond Consulting: Services & Support for Sacramento Business​

Once the business goals have been identified, an IT consultant must have the resources to implement solutions on time and provide quality ongoing support. As an IT consulting company committed to delivering the highest level of service, we’ve invested in a deep bench of both IT consultants and technicians. At Fortis, we have assembled a Sacramento Area leading team of IT support professionals.

Moreover, the leadership team at Fortis brings over 150 years of experience in managed voice, internet and IT services in the Greater Sacramento area.

Fortis strives to be, “the last IT company your business will ever need.” To accomplish this, we need to continually meet or exceed your expectations for solving issues when they do arise. We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial, long term relationship with you and your business.

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