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Customer Spotlight: Montessori Autism Programs and Services’ New Teen Center

Montessori Autism Programs and Services

The best part of our jobs here at Fortis is the chance to work with and support local businesses in El Dorado Hills and other business communities the Greater Sacramento area. With this in mind, we wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our customers that is helping our community thrive: Montessori Autism Programs and Services (MAPS).

MAPS provides dedicated, therapeutic services to children with different types of developmental delays. Their clinic and on-site programs are located at an amazing campus here in El Dorado Hills.

MAPS recently launched a new teen and young adult center called Compass. We had the opportunity to speak with Katie Steele, Assistant Director for MAPS, about how the program will help the community.

Increasing Treatment Options

One of the biggest challenges for treatment of high school level teens and young adults is the overall lack of treatment options compared with what’s available to children at younger ages. This often creates a gap in treatment between childhood and adulthood that can have detrimental effects.

According to Katie, “local ABA clinics—one of the few options available to teens and young adults—are often impacted and unable to meet the demand for services.”

Compass was created with the goal of increasing the pool of treatment options for high school age children principally in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Cameron Park.

Helping Teens Grow

Teens that apply to Compass are referred to as “clients.” They are assessed individually to determine their level of developmental delay. If they are admitted to the program, they are placed in either a group session or in one-to-one therapy—depending on the results of their assessment.

Compass groups meet twice per week for two hours per session. There is a maximum of eight teens per group, which ensures each client gets meaningful personal attention.

The groups and individual sessions are designed to help clients learn about and develop the tools for managing their transition to adulthood. Outcomes include:

  • More prepared for employment
  • Improved social skills
  • Better at regulating emotions and coping with certain situations
  • A greater understanding of their individual strengths and deficits
  • A reduced feeling of being “weird” or “different”

Compass invites local high schoolers and adults to volunteer and be a part of group sessions. Volunteers hang out with Compass clients during sessions. They provide needed interaction that helps teens overcome social isolation.

Compass volunteers get the opportunity to befriend teens, which broadens the horizons of both volunteers and clients. Katie says that, “peers can teach Compass clients about what hobbies and activities are and aren’t cool.”

Applying To The Program

Compass is funded by both Medi-Cal and private insurance. The assessment process for new clients can take 6-8 weeks.

To learn more about MAPS and/or the Compass program, please visit the MAPS website or contact Maureen Carter at 916-357-5837 ext. 102.

The MAPS campus is located at:
1106 Windfield Way Suite 1
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

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