El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce – The Business Walk

el-dorado-hills-business-parkEvery year the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce and local civic leaders participate an economic development program called The Business Walk.

This walking tour of the various retail, commercial, and service business locations within El Dorado Hills provides input to the Business Confidence Survey as well as a quarterly into El Dorado Hills’ Economic Index.

In 2016, representatives of 145 businesses were interviewed. They were asked about their employee footprint, their internet service, and what the Chamber could do to support their business.

In the full report, you can read about some of the feedback that local business owners provided.

As part of the interviews, business representatives were asked to characterize the speed and reliability of their internet service by selecting one of four categories. Here were the results:

  • Fast & Excellent – 27%
  • Moderately Fast & Good – 42%
  • Moderately Slow & Fair – 20%
  • Slow & Poor – 11%

The most popular response was “Moderately Fast & Good, which can be interpreted as “we are generally satisfied with our internet service.”

On the other hand, almost a third of businesses rated the speed of their internet service as “moderately slow” or “slow”. The report states, some people expressed that during “peak work hours” service occasionally slows down or stops.

There are a number of factors that can cause a business’s internet service to slow down at times or to be generally slow. Solutions can range to having an IT professional make several minor adjustments to looking into an alternative internet service provider.

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