Managed IT Services In The Sacramento Area

IT Support in Sacramento, California

Why Managed IT Services?

If you are a Sacramento area business owner, you know that as your business has grown, more demands have been placed on your internet connection, your network, your phone system and your IT staff. Managing intrusion threats has become increasingly complex. With the addition of each new employee and each new software license, internal IT support becomes a costlier proposition.

As reliance on comprehensive IT support grows, the resources needed to service an increasingly complex IT environment may not keep pace. Many small businesses cannot afford the right-sized internal team. Their in-house IT resources can be quickly overwhelmed. Fortis can complement your staff.

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Nightly Offsite Backups

As the chances of a small business getting hit by crypto-ransomware increase, nightly offsite backups are more important than ever.

The first line of defense is proper anti-virus software and employee awareness of phishing scams. However, should desktop or network files get encrypted, files can be restored from an offsite backup.

Offsite backup hardware and software should be monitored to ensure that a backup runs every night.

Of course, an offsite backup also protects against traditional threats such as fire, flood and theft.

Dual Internet Connection for Redundancy
Dual Internet Connection for Redundancy

Redundant Internet for Businesses

Due to the proliferation of cloud applications such as Office 365, G Suite, QuickBooks Online, Salesforce and Trello, a single point of internet failure has become increasingly worrisome to business owners.

Fortis offers non-stop CloudSure℠ technology to Sacramento businesses. With CloudSure, your business will enjoy faster, redundant broadband internet service.

CloudSure technology lets you merge bandwidth from any two internet service providers into one “super-connection”. This dual connection gives you up to twice the bandwidth. If one provider connection goes down, the other connection keeps you and your team connected. When a failed connection recovers, it goes right back to work.

A redundant internet connection is inexpensive insurance for protecting a businesses from a cable cut or carrier outage.

VoIP Telephone Service For Sacramento Businesses

Now part of the network, telephony has become component of managed IT services for Sacramento area companies.

For Sacramento area business owners and managers who are planning the transition to hosted VoIP, there are two options. Get VoIP service from a large national provider — or buy locally.

Fortis serves up business VoIP from El Dorado Hills. The backbone to our services is the same one used by Google Voice. We provide brand name phones such as Yealink and Polycom.

Not only will you get personalized service during the buying process, but your transition to VoIP will be managed by a company with IT services expertise. Once your system is in place, you will get local “916” support.

Facts About Fortis’ Sacramento Customers

The top industries that Fortis’ Sacramento IT support and VoIP customers are in include Construction & Contracting, Legal, Healthcare and Technology.

If you’re looking for managed IT services in Sacramento or the surrounding area, give us a call at 916-235-4200 to discuss your requirements.

Sacramento, the capital of our beautiful home state of California and the center of our business region, lies at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers. While the Old Sacramento district preserves the charm of the city’s Gold Rush era, the city is by no means lacking in the need for current business technology.

Today, Sacramento businesses and residents span a wide array of industry sectors.

According to Data USA, the most common sectors, by number of people living in Sacramento are Healthcare & Social Assistance, Educational Services, Retail Trade and Public Administration.

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