IT Support in Folsom

IT Support in Folsom

In 2016, Fortis added full-service IT support to our service offerings through the acquisition of Creative Network Solutions. We are excited to help local Folsom small & medium sized businesses with their IT needs.

Our IT support services include maintenance, end-user support, troubleshooting, offsite backups, disaster recovery, hardware sales, network wiring, network design, diagnostics and more. You can outsource some or all of your IT support.

Fortis is responsive and professional. We are trusted business partner to hundreds of Sacramento area businesses. We continuously work to be creative and supportive to help your business grow and thrive.

Hosted VoIP for Folsom Businesses

Fortis has built a business grade VoIP platform engineered to solve the communications needs of small to medium-sized businesses and professional clients in Folsom. Our cloud-based hosted VoIP service is a feature rich business phone system ideal for growth businesses that focus on personal and responsive customer service. The benefits and cost savings of the VoIP platform can be substantial. Our VoIP specialists will review your current telephone bills, show you money saving tips, and propose a business communication solutions unique to your business.

We offer unlimited nationwide calling plus advanced features for routing and managing your calls and messages — all for one low monthly price. For a limited time, get up to 10 free VoIP phones:

Business VoIP Folsom
CloudSure Non-Stop Internet

Non-Stop Internet for Folsom Businesses

Fortis offers our non-stop CloudSure℠ technology to Folsom businesses. Your business will enjoy blazing fast, redundant broadband internet service. Your VoIP phone system calls will be even clearer. Your web connections will be faster.

Our CloudSure technology lets you merge bandwidth from any two internet service providers into one “super-connection”. Not only does this doubled up connection provide much higher bandwidth, but if one of your provider’s connection goes down, the other connection keeps you and your team connected to internet. When the failed connection recovers, it goes right back to work.

Folsom is a welcoming environment for new businesses. As the city is our town’s next door neighbor, Fortis has been helped dozens of Folsom business owners with their IT, internet and VoIP phone system requirements.

According to Data USA, compared to other census locations, Folsom has an unusually high number of residents who work in Architecture & Engineering; Computer & Mathematical; and Life, Physical, & Social Science.

If businesses in these and other Folsom industries have the right tools in place, it will help companies attract and retain the level of talent needed for ongoing success.

Facts About Fortis’ Folsom Customers

More of Fortis’ Folsom-based customers are located in the Iron Point Business Park than at any other location.

This is no surprise, since the park represents Folsom’s largest concentration of businesses.

The top five industries among our Folsom customer base are: Financial; Construction & Contracting; Insurance; Healthcare; and Government.

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