Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does Fortis Telecom provide?

Fortis Telecom provides a combined voice and internet service offering to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) wanting a higher-level of customer service from their provider.

Our internet speeds are faster than the phone company and have lower latency than the cable company. We also provide secondary or “backup” internet connections for businesses requiring two internet providers for maximum up-time.

Our VoIP service has all the standard features businesses expect from a hosted VoIP provider at competitive rates. Our technical consultative approach to deploying VoIP ensures a better experience for our customers.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?

Yes. You can keep all of your existing phone and fax numbers.

What do you mean by symmetrical bandwidth?

Symmetrical bandwidth is the same connection speed for uploads and downloads. Unlike other providers (DSL/Cable), we offer full-duplex (bi-directional) bandwidth to customers needing guaranteed high-speed connections.

Do I have bandwidth on demand with Fortis Telecom?

Yes. Fortis offers scalable bandwidth. For example, if you have a 5Mbps connection, you can turn it up to 20Mbps connection within a matter of minutes by calling our customer support team. We are not bound by traditional T1 or DS3 increments; nor do we have the equipment costs associated with bonded T1 services.

Do you filter any ports?

No, there is no port filtering.

Can I use a VPN with Fortis’ service?

Yes. Our service works with any TCP/IP based VPN equipment.

Are static IP addresses available?

Yes. Static IP’s are assigned as needed.

How can Fortis Telecom provide services at such a discount compared to traditional telephone company services?

We own and operate our network, so you do not need to pay the telephone company for land based “local loop” access charges and taxes.

How quickly can you install my service?

Within our service area, we can typically install within 3 – 5 business days.

How secure is the Fortis Telecom network?

Very Secure. Data is transmitted using advanced encryption standards (AES-OCB).

How reliable is the Fortis Telecom network?

Our network is engineered to have 99.99% guaranteed availability.

Will Fortis’ network signal cause interference with other signals?

No. Fortis’ network uses specific wireless frequencies and is engineered in accordance with FCC regulations to prevent interference.

Is Fortis Telecom a satellite-based service?

No. We have points of presence on strategic buildings and towers in our service areas that broadcast using carrier-grade radio signals to our customers.

Is the network affected by weather?

No. The network is not affected by fog, rain, hail or snow and is engineered to be operational in hurricane-type wind conditions.

What is your service area?

The greater Sacramento Metro Region.

Do you plan on expanding coverage?

Yes. We are working with municipalities to bring our wireless to new areas.