Yealink Phone Series: Excellent Business VoIP Value

Yealink Phone T48GIf you are considering the move to VoIP for your business phone service, consider a close look at the Yealink phone models. While Cisco and Polycom offer VoIP phones, Yealink has feature-rich models at a reasonable price.

Look at any Yealink, Polycom and Cisco phone online feature comparison. You will see that Yealink competes well with these popular vendors. But, is popularity worth the price? Yealink offers the same display features, supported lines, feature keys, headsets, audio, protocols, provisioning, security, power and even the advanced features of Polycom and Cisco — but at a lower price point. (more…)

When Should You Outsource IT Services?

Outsource IT ServicesTaking Advantage of Outsourced IT Support Services

As an SMB, hiring an IT support staff can be challenging and expensive. The needs for IT services fluctuate over time and hiring a full-time staff to cover those needs is a major challenge and expense. How can a small company keep up with all the skills needed to handle the needs of today as well as the needs of the future? (more…)